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The Types of Sugar Relationship You Must Know

Posted by | Aug 26, 2021

The Types of Sugar Relationship You Must Know

The sugar relationship is a mutual-beneficial relationship between the sugar daddy (the material/financial provider) and the sugar baby (the companionship provider). Sugar babies offer their companionship, more often in some cross-boundaries, in exchange for financial or material support provided by their sugar daddies.


Before proceeding with your sugar baby meeting, you will want to understand the basics first. Just like other dating types, the sugar relationship also has sub-categories which both you and your sugar partner need to understand.


The differences can be based on the contract of the relationship, the length of the "project", the duration, frequencies, material/financial agreements, and so on. Despite the many variables that I mentioned before, it will come down to the specific agreements between the two parties.


There might be dozens of sugar relationship types, but I will narrow them down to the most common one. From there, you might be able to branch out the sugar daddy meet types by yourself after joining a particular sugar daddy dating site.

Sugar Prostitution

As the name suggests, sugar daddies will provide material or financial support for their sugar girls in exchange for an intercourse. In this case, there is no emotional attachment to the relationship.

Compensated dating

The Sugar daddies who met the girls through the sugar daddy app will provide financial or material support in exchange for dating activities, including grabbing a meal, attending concerts together, etc. It is not necessary to have sensual pleasure on this occasion.

Compensated companionship

It is imperative to state this in the sugar daddy site profile if one expects to have broader possibilities and involve the woman more in the personal life of the sugar daddy. But it still does not include any sexual activities in the companionship.

Sugar dating

It is a term to describe the most common term of what people would like to expect when using a sugar daddy website. On this occasion, the female parties will receive an allowance on a regular basis in exchange for anything, including making love.

Sugar friendships

It can happen where there's a mutual pure friendship between the sugar daddies and their sugar babies. It is possible to find this kind of relationship on any sugar daddy website you've joined. The benefactors are often an important part of the females.

Sugar friendships with sensual benefits

As the name of the category suggests, this includes the sensual benefits that have been traded for the expenses of females, such as electrical bills, tickets, clothing, food, etc.

Pragmatic love

Pragmatic love is where both parties are expecting to achieve a real commitment, a romantic one. There's a possibility that this relationship will end up in marriage.


So, are you joining a sugar daddy site? Which one do you prefer?